World Economic Forum

The Government of Telangana wanted to take the 'Hitech' route to make Telangana's presence felt at the World Economic Forum.


The Government of Telangana wanted to go beyond the traditional way of taking the audience through Powerpoint presentations and still photography. The idea was to give a tour of the state and have the attendees experience Telangana - its industries, infrastructure, and tourism.


Team Virtual Raasta covered over 60 locations across Telangana and created 6 VR videos that attendees could experience using Oculus Go at the event. The videos covered various industries, infrastructure and tourist places. Asia's largest irrigation project was one of the many landmarks that the audiences could experience, which otherwise would not be feasible, especially once it goes active.


The attendees who were influencers and potential investors got up close with Telangana through the videos. The videos helped the Government of Telangana to showcase the best of Telangana in the most real way possible and more effectively than organized tours.