One of the world's leading furniture and home furnishing brands, IKEA is a Swedish multinational company that designs and sells furniture. It has been leading the furniture industry since 2008 and as per the records, there are 424 stores operating across 52 countries.


Known for their modern designs and innovation, the client decided to launch their first store in India and promoted the same with equal creativity. The brand was launched by opening only one store in a city in India. IKEA wanted a solution, which would enable their potential customers to experience the existing store virtually from the comfort of their homes from across the country.


Virtual Raasta implemented Matterport technology to scan the entire space of the existing IKEA store in Hyderabad and created a 360-degree virtual reality experience. We scanned the 400000 square feet store with more than 1000 products. The products were tagged and linked to the online store of the brand to facilitate a virtual store walkthrough and shopping session.


A virtual walkthrough experience was created by team Virtual Raasta. The 360 degrees VR experience allowed users to explore the IKEA store just like they would if they visited the store. Tags were provided for the items to provide additional information as well as links to online shopping. The teleportation feature enabled users to move from one department to another at the click of a button for a seamless experience.