Hindustan Unilever Limited

HUL is a British-Dutch company with its' Indian headquarters in Mumbai. Their product range includes food, drinks, personal care, and various other consumer goods.


HUL launched an Ayurvedic personal care brand with its research & development, manufacturing and distribution centers spread across India. With the company's CXOs working from different parts of the world, it was highly inconvenient and impractical for them to travel to India and visit each and every site.


Lumiere Business Solutions, HUL's business consultant invited us to join them as the VR technology partner for this project. 14 VR videos covering the entire lifecycle of the brand's products were created. From conception to distribution along with some expert talk was captured in the videos along with 360- degree ambiance sound for a very real experience.


HUL uses the video for effective internal communications. Our solution with VR technology cuts the need for experts traveling from multiple sites to experience the process.
The department responsible for getting approvals from various government bodies uses these videos as a tool to take them on a virtual tour. HUL's sales team implemented the videos as a part of their sales strategy. This resulted in huge logistics benefits while saving the travel time of the executives as well as the cost to the company.