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Our Vision

Putting heart at the centre of your story, we make captivating animation, film & interactive stories & experiences

To be a trusted partner to achieve business efficiencies in training, maintenance, operations and familiarization through application AR & VR solutions.

Here’s something more than normal. Something not-so-extra but with just the right amount of surprise: An entire team ready to snap their fingers to make reality seem less!

Now that seems quite far fetched. But that’s who we are. We are a leading company in VR & AR content solutions in not just India but beyond.

The value attached to our service is in tune with global standards with high recall value, immersive experience and cost-effectiveness. We want to be the kind of a partner in whom you have complete faith, to transform your vision into reality through our technological finesse.

Our imagination and transformative skills will help you achieve efficiencies in training, maintenance, operations and familiarization through application in AR and VR solutions.

Where creative magic gets made

We at Virtual Raasta can make worlds out of thin air and create new dimensions like
they’ve always just been there. Being experts in AR 3D technology and VR solutions,
we transformed our skills and imagination into something tangible.

We take pride in the specialist 360° Video Production, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
experiences that we provide. Sectors that we serve include Education,
Aerospace, Mining, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Retail,
Manufacturing, Architecture & Design, and Devotional.

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We are two things: new age & transformative. Want to know
how? Or better yet, want to be it yourself? Well, then
you can!

If you’re inclined towards creating an impact through
your ‘tech-savvy’ personality, this is the place to be.
Thanks to our ever inspiring and visionary team, which
never fails to impress.

Not just that, if our work gets you excited about what
you can do using these immersive technologies, get in
touch with us right away and become what excites you.

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