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A holistic and immersive view of an environment, or event to fulfil your audiences quest for the experience of being everywhere.

Engage your users beyond the usual by allowing them to interact with the elements of the video by clicking and dragging, even changing the narration of the video for their desired effect and experience.

Now you can be everywhere! Be it for an entire event or just for a moment, if you would love your audiences to experience an event, be it musical, gaming, sports, or entertainment, LIVE, through Virtual Reality, this is it!

In this computer-generated surrealistic simulation, give an other worldly experience to the intended audience! By putting on the Head Mounted Display (HMD), one can now be completely immersed in an unreal world, anywhere, anytime; something they cannot forget but be in awe of. This can provide rich dividends in enterprise level training solutions.

Trigger and awaken people’s imagination by triggering layers of virtual reality over everyday objects. What normally appears will reappear as something different, into what you expect it to be.

Interactive, immersive and creative, AR & VR can enhance learning, increase retention, allow more experimentation, test application of skills by students, better and reduce the risk while applying acquired skills in real time.

Training in VR is cost effective, easy to replicate and hassle free despite being so close to reality. Guided maintenance support can be facilitated using the framework of AR with relevant content.

View mining processes, geological formations and accurate 3D holograms of field data collected through all 3 types of realities. And training of personnel on heavy machinery without the constraints and risks of the physical world.

Make Interactive lab experiments, equipment use and care, immersive learning of complicated subjects, tours to explore facilities, quick and simple with these alternate realities.

Give patients a VR view of the operation, train healthcare practitioners in simulated environments, giving detailed view of facilities and equipments.

Immersive and interactive VR walkthrough of buildings that allow users to alter the furnishing of interiors and free movement within the space - helping them to make design choices by trying out multiple options without the need for procurement and trial & error.

A prayer like any other. But one that you can’t miss out on. Cause’ it’s going to be as real as reality whenever you view it. It’ll be a full view of the environment and a feel of the holy aura around!

Expert assistance, training, designing products and facilities are perks of integrating AR, VR and MR in the manufacturing industry. Ensure productivity of your employees through detailed visualisation of the manufacturing parts.

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